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Well 2022 has been a rollercoaster

I sold my house and moved in with my mom last December to take care of her after surgery. After several delays she had the surgery. Once in the ICU for a couple of hours she had a massive stroke. She is paralyzed on her left side. Obviously she could not go home in that condition. It took several months (and one really horrible experience at a facility that needs to be shut down) but we found her a good safe facility for long term care while she recovers. In August I moved to Massachusetts. My boyfriend flew to MN and we drove across country together. Now that I am here I am looking for a studio. His apartment is small and rent is ridiculous so the majority of my stuff is in storage. However, New England is just as beautiful as I remember it. Once I am able to start creating again it will be an explosion of art. I have had a large build up and I am itching to get back to work!.

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