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Heather Sabian

 When I was a kid I saw a re-run of the Twilight Zone episode, Little Lost Girl. A little girl disappeared in her home but her parents could hear her voice. Her father found  a portal to another dimension had opened up in her bedroom and he went partly inside that opening to get her back. As he pulled his daughter out his wife told him that the opening was starting to close while he was leaning in and he just missed being trapped in between the two dimensions. That idea struck my young mind as both terrifying and fascinating. As I developed into an artist the idea of that Twilight Zone story stayed with me. I always thought of  art as a gateway from a far away place  reachable in my mind and tangible reality.  Working in leather gave me ability to show how the ideas in my head push their way into reality. I am the portal. 


Leather is the most satisfying material I have ever worked with. It was a difficult to use at first but through trial and error I have found my artistic home.  I always have an idea of what I want to create but leather has a will of it's own. Each and every sculpture in leather is a surprise. Each hide dries differently depending on the season, the humidity, the temperature, and how thick or thin it is. I started out making relief sculptures on a backing that hang on the wall and have evolved to free standing 3-D sculptures.  As my process continues to grow and change I am still surprised by what comes out. 

If you like what you see also visit my you tube channel where I explain what my thoughts were while making each piece. If you enjoy my work or have a question feel free to email me or reach out through Facebook and Twitter.  

Thank you for taking the time to explore my site.